JO-3 – Phosphoric Acid Blend

JO-3 is a stable, fume-free, blended liquid acid concentrate that removes light rust and scale from metallic surfaces.
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This product removes light corrosion and discoloration, restoring aluminum to its original brightness and is even safe to use on kitchenware. JO-3 provides a “tooth” to steel and aluminum, creating a better paint bond. JO-3 blends mild organic and inorganic acids with acid soluble surfactants for improved cleaning quality. This product us USDA approved.

Methods of Use


  • Concentration Ratio: 1 : 3


  • Concentration Ratio: 1 : 5

Rust Removal

  • Concentration Ratio: 1 : 3

Heat Treat Scale Removal

  • Concentration Ratio: 1 : 2
  • As an acid rinse, use 0.5 – 1% by volume; circulate 30 to 60 minutes at a temperature of 140º F and follow with potable water rinse.

WARNING: JO-3 contains phosphoric acid. Protective clothing and gloves MUST be worn to reduce the possibility of skin irritation.

Additional information

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Physical Properties

Clear in color, No odor, No fumes, Non-toxic food grade ingredients, Liquid concentrate, Contains synthetic surfactants (For effective cleaning in hard water situations.), Water-soluble, 1% solution, pH = 2.2

Quantity (gallons)

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