440K – Non Chlorinated KOH Based Cleaner

440K is a superior heavy-duty alkaline power detergent for use as a tartrate remover in winery tanks, hoses and pipes.
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This highly caustic product, with a low foam surfactant system excels in penetrating soil deposits rapidly with the help of its effective chelating system. 440K works effectively removing even the most stubborn, hardened tartrates and soils on a variety of surfaces, including: concrete, stainless steel and wood.

Methods of Use

  • Concrete, Stainless Steel, and Wooden Tanks, Hoses and Pipes
  • Concentration Ratio: ½ – 4 oz. per gallon of water; varies depending on tartrate thickness.
  • Calculate the amount of water to be used carefully before adding detergent to reduce waste. Circulate until clean and rinse with citric acid.

WARNING: Add this product slowly to cold water only to prevent boiling or spattering. NEVER add any other diluting product to 440K. Contains Potassium Hydroxide, do not use on soft metals.

Additional information

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Physical Properties

White in color, Non-dusting, Somewhat deliquescent flake, 1% solution, pH = 13

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