MULTI LUBE 197 – Bottling Line Conveyor Lube

Multi Lube 197 is a superior liquid chain lubricant with excellent water dilution characteristics.
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This product, formulated for use in hard water situations (stable in water of 30 GPG or 510 ppm), is equally effective on chains working at any speed on automated or manual systems. Multi Lube 197 reduces black carbon build up, has controlled foam levels, making it an excellent cleaner with virtually no foam carry onto recently treated chains. This product us USDA approved.

Methods of Use

  • Concentration Ratio: Can be diluted as much as 1:125; depending on conveyor speed and chain length.
  • Accurate metering is desired to prevent “bottle chattering,” enhance cleaning effectiveness, and to prevent precipitates in hard water.
  • Overuse will result in increased foam levels and higher cost; higher concentrations should be used only on the heaviest soil loads sporadically.
  • Useful Tip: The most effective method for establishing the optimum dilution ratio is to start with higher than anticipated dilution and decrease the dilution ratio until the foam levels are optimum and “bottle chattering” is eliminated.

WARNING: NEVER add anything else to Multi Lube 197.

Additional information

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Physical Properties

Pale yellow in color, Mild odor, Non-toxic, Contains synthetic surfactants (For effective cleaning in hard water situations.), Water-soluble, pH = 9.5

Quantity (gallons)

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